Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The dedicated mower

Can you believe we are 2 hours from leaving for the airport and Chris is outside mowing the lawn? I guess that’s better than trying to mow foot high grass in a week.  We are all packed and just need to decide what we are taking on the plane with us.  We actually fit all of our clothes into 2 carry-on bags (I can’t believe it) but it left no room for bringing anything home so we decided to check in one of the bags and carry 2.  So, 3 small carryon bags isn’t as bad as the humongous suitcase we were dreading dragging on the subway…er, “tube” with us.  

I am off to do a quick clean on the mess that we’ve made on the house and then we’re off.  Next stop…Dallas, Texas for a 4 hour layover.


  1. Aren't your neighbors happy with you for mowing the lawn at 6:56 am?!
    Anyway, have a good flight and all that happy stuff. Have fun!

  2. In case you didnt know, Final two for "Adam Idol" are......Chris and Adam(duh)Let me know if you need anymore updates...Will you be mad if I tell you who wins Survivor?? ha-ha

  3. K: I must not have the timestamp correct on the blog. This is a brand new one and I didn't fiddle with the settings very much.

    A: No surprise but YES I will be mad if you tell me!! Next week will be Tivo Heaven!



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